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Dr. Kate Young, Ph.D. Psychotherapy Services

Dr. Young provides individual therapy using EMDR, CBT and Mindfulness for anxiety, panic, driving and flying phobia, trauma, and difficult childhood experiences. She works with adults age 18 and older.

Anxiety and Panic

A primary specialty of Dr. Young is psychotherapy with clients with panic attacks and severe anxiety. Dr. Young helps clients with anxiety learn why their anxiety is triggered and identify clearly how their anxiety manifests. Dr. Young teaches relaxation and stress reduction skills to reduce baseline anxiety. Dr. Young helps clients confront negative and catastrophic thinking which feeds anxiety. She helps clients take steps to confront anxiety provoking situations and decrease the avoidance that reinforces anxiety. She provides clients techniques to manage anxious thoughts. Dr. Young uses EMDR to desensitize past anxiety experiences and present triggers. CBT and Mindfulness are also very helpful for treating panic symptoms, panic disorder, and other anxiety problems.

Driving and Flying Phobia (having an intense fear or complete inability to drive or fly)

Dr. Young has successfully helped people who have stopped driving or flying due to anxiety. Her clients make enough gains to be able to drive or fly again. Dr. Young starts by exploring the recent events and circumstances that triggered or exacerbated the driving or flying anxiety. She then addresses earlier instances of negative experiences with travel that may be feeding the anxiety. And she helps clients expand their options for travel and by setting up step by step exposure goals and desensitizing the fears using EMDR, CBT and Mindfulness.

Trauma and PTSD

Dr. Young has effectively helped people with traumatic reactions to sexual assault, childhood abuse, motor vehicle accidents, shootings, suicides, physical assault, crimes, emotionally abusive relationships, bullying, and job loss.  EMDR  and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are empirically validated treatments for PTSD.

Dysfunctional Family of Origin Issues

People who come from dysfunctional families come from families with screaming and yelling, hitting, fighting, blaming, substance or alcohol abuse, and serious mental illness. This type of childhood can lead people to have difficulty staying calm, handling conflict, and asserting themselves as adults. Psychotherapy using EMDR, CBT and Mindfulness is effective for addressing the original negative experiences from childhood. After psychotherapy people will be more confident, feel more secure, and be assertive in a positive and healthy manner.