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Frequently Asked Questions about Psychotherapy
How much does therapy with Dr. Young cost?
The fee for an Initial Assessment session is $250. Regular weekly sessions are 45 minutes long and the fee is $210.  Payment is due at the time of each session. Payment by check is preferred, but credit cards are an option.
Does Dr. Young Take Insurance?
Dr. Young is a provider for Lyra Heath. If you would like to use any other insurance, Dr. Young will provide you with a Superbill which documents what you have paid for sessions for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Please contact your insurance provider to get specific information about your policy.
How Long Is a Typical Therapy Treatment?
Dr. Young is very experienced in short term therapy and her goal is to help clients make the changes they desire as quickly as possible. It is difficult to predict the length of therapy. Some people accomplish their goals in as little as 5 or 6 sessions; sometimes the length of psychotherapy treatment will be 15-20 sessions; sometimes people attend therapy for several years. The difference depends on the problems to be addressed. Dr. Young aims to be efficient and effective in helping her clients change.
Therapy Is Expensive. Is Therapy Worth The Money?
Therapy is an investment you make in yourself and improving your life. It should pay off in terms of increased happiness and better functioning. For some this can correlate to higher pay at work due to increased confidence and assertiveness, better work performance, and the ability to ask for higher pay based on increased faith in their own value. Only you can determine the value of the potential positive outcomes from therapy.
How will psychotherapy with Dr. Young help me?
Dr. Young approaches therapy as an opportunity for dialogue and education about psychological problems. During therapy Dr. Young facilitates learning that is unique for each person. In the first sessions she will gather background information to understand past and present contributions to your problems. In later sessions she leads activities to promote insight, acquire skills to deal with negative emotional states, increase self-esteem and self-compassion, improve communication skills, decrease distress related to negative life events, and more.
Why Should I Do Therapy With Dr. Young Instead of Someone Cheaper?
Dr. Kate’s rates are very competitive for Silicon Valley. She has a high level of expertise, and her therapy approach of EMDR and CBT is very effective and efficient. Finally, she was educated and trained at both Harvard and Stanford.
Won’t talking about upsetting things make me feel worse?
It is not possible to do therapy without bad thoughts or feelings coming into awareness. Sometimes talking about upsetting things does cause distress during and after therapy sessions. However Dr. Young monitors distress and titrates experiences in therapy to keep distress at a manageable level. Your honest communication about how you are feeling during and in between sessions is an important part of the therapy process. Dr. Young teaches relaxation and coping skills to ensure clients have ways to calm themselves and feel better when they are not in session.
Does Dr. Young Provide “Teletherapy”?  
Yes, Dr. Young provides video therapy using, a HIPPA compliant Video Therapy service. She also provides phone therapy in the case that internet access and privacy issues interfere with using video.
Why Does Dr. Young Have a 48 hour cancellation policy?
Although many therapists have a 24 hour cancellation rule, Dr. Young uses the 48 hour cancelation policy so that another client will have access to the canceled appointment time. This creates less waiting for appointments and more flexibility and availability for everyone to have the most options for session times.
Why does Dr. Young keep my credit card on file?
Dr. Young’s Cancelation Policy is 48 hours in advance of the session. She keeps a credit card on file for use in cases where a client does not show up or cancel within the 48 hours. Keeping the credit card on file helps Dr.Young  keep the costs of billing for missed sessions and late cancelations to a minimum. She does not use the card on file for every session.
What If I’m Not Happy with Dr. Young?
Dr. Young encourages communication about how therapy is going. She is open to feedback and frequently inquires how her clients feel about therapy and their progress. It is important to make progress, and if either you or Dr. Kate feel that you are not making adequate progress this will be discussed. If she feels that your needs are outside her area of expertise she will give you referrals to other more qualified clinicians. If you feel that she has done something seriously wrong you can make a formal complaint to the California Board of Psychology at