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Home - Dr. Kate Young, PhD

Dr. Kate Young  provides psychotherapy for Anxiety, Trauma, and Stress.

Dr. Young now provides Video Therapy in response to Covid 19.

Dr. Young’s clients are technology professionals, lawyers, teachers, doctors, business owners, and college students.

A common outcome of therapy with Dr. Young is having less anxiety and fear with increased energy and enjoyment in your life.

Another typical outcome of therapy with Dr. Young is developing the skills and ability to take care of yourself and manage stress more effectively, and being better able to manage your emotions and reactions during conflict or stressful interactions.

The basis of all psychotherapy is a relationship of trust and confidence. Dr. Young provides clear information about the options for treatment. She empowers clients to make informed decisions and choices.

Dr. Young values the unique identity of her clients, their race, ethnicity, gender identity, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, and nation of origin. She is competent to address the trauma and stress associated with micro aggressions and experiences of racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination.